How to Understand the Law of Attraction!

shareasimage (2015_09_21 22_53_07 UTC)Have you ever thought the world was there only to make you fail? Do you think that If you didn’t have bad luck you wouldn’t have any luck at all? This is an example of stinking thinkin’!

In reality, you make your own luck, your own failures and successes with your choices. Yes, we can blame others but we are responsible for how we handle the external impacts of outside services, products or people.

If you are one of the positive ones who think everything happens for a reason! ?
Excellent, good for you! You are correct! Well, sort of…

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Why FOCUS is Critical Today!

Thanks to Stuart Miles & FDP
Thanks to Stuart Miles & FDP

Today, let’s examine how you handle actions in the workplace.

  • Are you reactive to the events occurring within your environment and around you or do you take initiative to prepare for, participate in and/or control the events?
  • Do you intentionally take an active or passive role? Do you think in terms of the present or do you look to the future, anticipating outcomes and preparing for the consequences?
  • Are you a procrastinator in terms of making make a decision? Do you only make decisions when you have to, when you’re backed into a corner or when you’ve put it off for as long as you can? Or do you make conscious, intentional decisions as part of a larger, long-term plan?

How you answered these questions can have a profound effect on your career and company. I find that to be successful today every leader must have a laser focus and proactive, so here is how I view F.O.C.U.S.:

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Innovation Starts with The Leader – Always

Ideas 89studios FDP 2015I find it amazing that we struggle with the idea of being innovative in this day and age. There are so many opportunities to expand, grow and disrupt categories just by openly thinking and being aware of the sparks of opportunity. On the other hand, not every idea results in an innovative product or service, the word innovation has become watered down because many are using it to describe minimal changes in products and services.

When you think of the word INNOVATION, what to you encounter? How big are your visions, thoughts, or goals? Are they driven by a passion to make your products or services the best in the market? Are your people truly excited to bring ideas to you and discuss them freely? In my world INNOVATION is reserved only for big thinking and extraordinary execution.

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10 Growth Roadblocks to Overcome for Small Business Leaders

Board Meeting PictureI have spent the last few weeks talking about soft skills, now we will see how some of those can be used by the entrepreneur. In today’s business world the small – medium privately held business faces a number of growth roadblocks that can impede their growth and success in their market place. While I have seen lists upwards of 25 potential growth roadblockes, they can really be digested to these ten. An organization may be dealing with one or more of these at one stage or another of their growth over the last 24 – 36 months.

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Are Soft Skills Over-rated?

Core Values
Core Values
Attrib: D. Dominici FDP

Today, we are seeing a tremendous amount being written and taught on Soft Skills in the business and social arena. Many are saying this topic is over rated and just a buzz word. but I beg to differ. Many of our communications problems today find their root in incivility, rudeness and lack of respect. By the way all are soft skills! It is one of those ailments that has happened over a period of time, without many really realizing the impact. It is also being ignored by many leaders in the marketplace.

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