Keystone Leadership Concepts

There is a term in the realm of biology entitled a Keystone Species.  In architecture there is a building term that refers to the Keystone of an Arch.  In thinking about these terms last week I wondered if there were some characteristics that we could apply to the role of a leader.  Lo and behold there were some ideas what we could readily adopt and use as a bench mark.  First let’s look at the term Keystone Species;

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What is a Keystone Species?

A keystone species is one that plays a unique and crucial role in the way an ecosystem functions. It has a disproportionately large effect on its environment relative to its abundance.

There are two recognized attributes of a keystone species. First, the presence of a keystone species is crucial in maintaining the integrity of its ecosystem through species diversity and organization. Second, these species are relatively more important in structuring their ecosystem when compared to most other species of equal biomass found within their community.

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Business Growth Stages – Understanding Potentials

Building Sustainable Business
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Your company is by all intent, an organism that is composed of various cells including owners, employees, customers and partners that make it work, when all are aligned, similar to cells in our own bodies.

This being said, your company therefore should have a similar life cycle as we do as individuals.

With that in mind, what company life stages has your organization been through and what should you expect next? Is there a balance between entrepreneurial and structured environments or does it go to an extreme on one side or the other?

There are ten organization life stages:

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