How to Deal with Reorgs?

Any Reorg Affects the Entire Team

Are you faced with an internal or external reorgs, or are you planning a merger soon?  Here are some very brief tips to keep in mind when starting the process.

Determining the value of a re-org is based on learning to measure success across the critical (and equal) elements of results, processes, and relationships.  These are interdependent aspects that can make a difference once everyone realizes that there must be balance.

Generally, we recommend doing a performance assessment and based on the results, the team can be shown how to realize that it must answer two critical questions:

  • How will the members would work together with revised or new reporting relationships (for example, moving from being a direct report to a peer) and,
  • How will the team add value and be held accountable in revised or new relationships.  (For example, being collaborators rather than silo employees.

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Engagement to Innovate

Making surveys work

Making surveys workLast week we discussed eight suggestions that could put vitality into your company through innovation. These ideas really focused on the triggers for empowering innovative thought and action so today I want to take this a bit deeper. To really leverage those ideas your people need to be engaged and we know what the data tells on this today. Therefore, this is a brief list of ideas that can be used to improve engagement.

We continue to talk about this vital topic called “Employee Engagement” however based on various surveys, only 22% of companies really have an effective plan in place and working. There seems to be a lot of planning but I fear we are dealing with analysis paralysis. We keep trying to find a silver bullet that we can buy and install to make the program go away but I hate to bust that bubble, there are no silver bullets, pills or other shortcuts to make people engaged.

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Surveys, Still Valuable to Your Business?

Making surveys work

Making surveys workAre surveys still valuable in your business? I have been asking myself this question for the last six months to a year. The sad problem is that I answer myself with the paradoxical “Yes” and “No”.

On the telephone, in the mail, on our computers, smartphones and iPads, American consumers and businesses are being solicited as never before to express their feelings about products and services ranging from meals in fast food restaurants to the latest consulting engagement you presented to a client.

I suspect in some circles there is a remnant of “survey rage”, similar to road rage, where people are contemplating the most absurd answers to the questions the next pollster or online survey they feel they are entrapped into taking.

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10 Simple Ideas to Mitigate Stress & Anxiety at Work

Team with puzzle
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Work related stress can be defined as: the adverse reaction a person has to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them.” This adverse reaction can and does take its toll on our health, our productivity and general health of the workforce. We may think it only happens here in the US but it is taking place in many industrialized countries around the world. You can see a broader definition at the World Health Organizations website.

But a certain amount, of stress or pressure is actually healthy, it keeps us on our toes and drives us to achieve. In essence, pressure can cause us to lead more fulfilling lives. The difficulty, however, is how do we create a healthy balance of stress because too much stress and anxiety is certainly harmful to your health and well-being? What techniques can we apply to encourage stress and anxiety relief in our lives? Stay with me for a short while and we’ll look at 10 simple ideas to deal with stress and anxiety relief at work. Keep in mind these should be fun, not just another task to add to your already full calendar.

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Challenge 2015: Employee Engagement

freeing_from_control_sm_nwmAll businesses need to realize that employee engagement is critical for their success. It does not matter whether you have 5, 500, or 500,000 employees, it is important for success and growth. If you have not measured the level of engagement within your organization you might feel that everything is OK but I would challenge your comfort level and recommend you at least examine the sentiment within.

In this incredible period of competing pressures – demand for profitable growth, financial market volatility, political uncertainty, global shifts in workforce demographics and a rapidly shifting technology the leaders focus can be distracted from core issues and employee engagement is a big one. Leaders must recognize that but more importantly, “what do employees need in order to be engaged?” and “what behaviors are we asking them to engage in?”

Do you need to see a case for Employee Engagement?

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