2015 Challenge: Best Practice Trap?

Drive your own Best Practice
Thanks to Danilo Rizzuti & FDP

In my experience when something is proposed as a best practice, then it implies that every other practice is inferior by default. However, if everyone is doing the same best practice, it leads to conformity. The uniqueness that makes up your company now disappears.

Excellent Question: How can our business outperform the competition if it is using the same best practices as everyone else in your industry? The answer is, it can’t. This applies to every area of your company where you may choose to apply them. HR, Accounting, Marketing, Social Media, or IT can all succumb to applying a perceived easy way to invoke order.

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Build a Culture For Learning!

Child Leadership 2014In today’s business world we continually harp on “learning” but then we expect people to find it themselves.  Trust me there is nothing more deflating than a Learning and Development plan that points a finger at a computer and says start learning, especially if there are no examples that they can use for reference.  By the way, those examples should be human and hopefully mentors that others can choose to follow and engage.

Here we are going to discuss a number of ways you can build a proactive culture for learning within your own organization.  This usually requires that you, as the leader, are the cheerleader and primary proponent for using the tools that we outline here.

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Business Growth Stages – Understanding Potentials

Building Sustainable Business
Idea Go FDP 2014

Your company is by all intent, an organism that is composed of various cells including owners, employees, customers and partners that make it work, when all are aligned, similar to cells in our own bodies.

This being said, your company therefore should have a similar life cycle as we do as individuals.

With that in mind, what company life stages has your organization been through and what should you expect next? Is there a balance between entrepreneurial and structured environments or does it go to an extreme on one side or the other?

There are ten organization life stages:

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To Grow; Make Yourself Uncomfortable!

Kromkrathog FDP 2014
Kromkrathog FDP 2014

Those of you who have known me for some time know that I love to read and learn.  Many times this process has left me feeling rather uncomfortable because I ran into something that I was either doing and shouldn’t be doing or not doing when I should be doing it.

If it wasn’t so painful this could actually be a funny scenario.  Sounds like it should be fairy tale doesn’t it.


Once upon a time there was an Old Boss in a country far, far away.  He loved being a Boss because he was able to see people expand the profits of his company by telling them to learn and do new things. He thought he was successful but over time profits began to sag and sales slowed.

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Why Influence is Important!

Today’s world is a confusing one for our personal and career planning?  First of all, we don’t do enough planning and when we do, it is perceived as self-centered and negative for others in our area of influence.  We are influenced a thousand or more times a day and there is some level of backlash occurring in the market today. This is a graphic that represents the 12 companies that vie for our attention.

12 Brands with most influence 2014

Advertisers attempt to convince us to buy products or services daily in print, on TV, radio and the internet. Many times we feel this is a burden or an invasion of our privacy but the fact is that we need influence to help us understand the things we don’t have an immediate knowledge of regarding a purchase, career or service.

For example, many families are dysfunctional enough they cannot make a decision of what to do for a vacation, so many times they are ignored or engaged in a combative dance for a week or two. What happened to influence in this situation?  Well, generally it was ignored because everyone had an opinion and they would only settle for their own opinion being recognized.  No one entered the conversation with an attitude of WIN-WIN as recommended by virtually every self-development guru I know.

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