Building Sustainable Business Needs Focus

Building Sustainable Business

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How do you or your teams handle requests from someone on a regular basis? Do you follow any type of process or do shoot from the hip? Of course, the latter is usually not the best way to approach the subject. Leaders rise and fall on the quality of their decisions and promises. When developing a sustainable business it is critical that this process is kept with a high level of integrity and discipline.

If a leader or team make a large number of promises which are not completed or not completed on time or budget, clients will lose faith in the commitment levels and ignore or find another provider who will keep their word. Keep in mind, trust takes a long time to establish itself in a relationship but it can be destroyed in seconds. The same thing applies to your brand since your brand is really nothing but a promise factory so these steps are critical to your survival.

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Good Communications Solves Problems

Communications Puzzles

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Communications aren’t just the key to self-organization–they also solve or simplify a bunch of other hurdles that your growing company may face.

1. Training is easier. When effective communication–not hierarchy–is the glue that holds businesses units together, it’s easy for new employees to be themselves and feel like their interests, projects, and initiatives belong at the company, and it allows them to start creating valuable work right away. Takeaway – walls are minimized.

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Leadership POV – TLG’s Point of View

If you want to step up to the plate and help shape the future at work, in an organization, as a teacher or anywhere else, you need to be willing to work at mastering a number of traits.  I have assembled a number of these traits from John Maxwell as well as my many years working with teams in multiple industries. Below is my Leadership POV for your review.

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Vision to Tactics – Stay Focused on What Really Matters

Sheelamohan FDP 2014The biggest issues that leadership faces today are burnout, stress, lack of vision and overwhelm.

Leaders must do so much with limited resources, while keeping up with technology, managing a virtual and global workforce that spans multiple generations, and do it all in an incredibly volatile economy.  The vision, if there was any, has be shelved and tactics are the driving force.

For all of these reasons, leaders can benefit from a tool that keeps them focused on what really matters. Our Dashboard can provide a home to nurture vision!

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Great Growing Leaders – 7 Attributes

Courtesy of pinkblue & FreeDigitalPhotos

Courtesy of pinkblue & FreeDigitalPhotos

In today’s world, there is a lot of discussion around what makes up a “Great” leader but in my mind there is no such thing as a “Great” leader.  The term “Great” seems to imply that the person has arrived and knows everything there is to know about leadership and their industry; unfortunately I have never met any single person with these credentials.  I have met many that are continually becoming greater and they know that it is a continuous process – “Great Growing Leaders”.  This is the group that I focus on!

Generally, good leaders lead by what is seen and known, while maintaining healthy relationships, staying inside the budget, and getting the job done. This is good! But, what happens when things don’t always follow the plan?

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