Centricity Balance – an Oxymoron?

colored_puzzle_globe_sm_nwmFor small businesses here in the US, we many times focus our energies on providing a great product, service or customer support but when dealing with a sustainable approach means that we must focus on all of the above.  If you make a product that in must be the best product you can make, the same is true of services. However we must also be customer centric.

With nothing to sell, there is no purpose in being in business but equally what is a business without a customer?

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6 – Empowering Attributes to Be Your Best at Work.

Courtesy artztsamui & FreeDigitalPhotos

Courtesy artztsamui & FreeDigitalPhotos

In business, there are a number of areas where you rely on your own and other’s skills, both hard and soft that help you make it through the day.  As a leader, it is important that you make these five empowering attributes the core of your own personality and value as a human being.

However, you need to ensure that others have the same opportunity.  It is extremely important that you focus on these all the time.  Make them part of your corporate DNA and make sure they are discussed on a regular basis.

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Leadership Crisis? – How About Coaching?

According to a recent government report the business world is currently in a leadership crisis. Up and coming managers, those who will be our business leaders of the future don’t see positive examples of “inspirational leadership” in their work places. Employees long to see a genuine shared vision, real confidence and trust in teams and respect for colleagues, customers and employees. Less than 40% of managers actually see these traits on display in the workplace.

Courtesy of pinkblue & FreeDigitalPhotos

Courtesy of pinkblue & FreeDigitalPhotos


They are looking for fresh and exciting opportunities so they can grow, expand and become the best leaders they possible can be however management is does not fully understand how to implement coaching.  The state of corporate coaching today is really nothing but a re-labeling of 50-year-old management techniques. I did a review recently of the state of corporate coaching that is being encouraged each day in many organizations and I was astounded.

One, of many, defined corporate coaching as “providing guidance, feedback and direction to ensure successful performance”.  This is a typical old school management process because everything is defined for the employee or new manager.  The focus is on short-term results and very structured framework so that it can be micro managed for success.  There is no mention of empowering, growing or allowing employees to make mistakes.

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Real-ationships, a Must in the Hyper-Connected World

Puzzle - Real-ationships

Putting Real-ationships together.

I find it interesting how changing a letter or two can open up a whole new arena for a person’s mind.  In listening to the sermon recently, the word Real-ationships was coined and discussed in a spiritual sense but I found this opened a whole different view for me in terms of leadership.

The idea was very liberating because much of what we discuss today has a virtual feel to it and many times leaves us feeling disconnected and alone, even though we are buried in data and virtual relationships.

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Business Growth Stages – Understanding Potentials

Building Sustainable Business

Idea Go FDP 2014

Your company is by all intent, an organism that is composed of various cells including owners, employees, customers and partners that make it work, when all are aligned, similar to cells in our own bodies.

This being said, your company therefore should have a similar life cycle as we do as individuals.

With that in mind, what company life stages has your organization been through and what should you expect next? Is there a balance between entrepreneurial and structured environments or does it go to an extreme on one side or the other?

There are ten organization life stages:

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