10 Simple Ideas to Mitigate Stress & Anxiety at Work

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Work related stress can be defined as: the adverse reaction a person has to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them.” This adverse reaction can and does take its toll on our health, our productivity and general health of the workforce. We may think it only happens here in the US but it is taking place in many industrialized countries around the world. You can see a broader definition at the World Health Organizations website.

But a certain amount, of stress or pressure is actually healthy, it keeps us on our toes and drives us to achieve. In essence, pressure can cause us to lead more fulfilling lives. The difficulty, however, is how do we create a healthy balance of stress because too much stress and anxiety is certainly harmful to your health and well-being? What techniques can we apply to encourage stress and anxiety relief in our lives? Stay with me for a short while and we’ll look at 10 simple ideas to deal with stress and anxiety relief at work. Keep in mind these should be fun, not just another task to add to your already full calendar.

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Excerpt from “Field Guide to the Workplace Jungle

Child Leadership 2014This is an excerpt from the introduction to our new Kindle book available on Amazon. We really loved working on this book because there is so much that still needs to be explored and we are looking forward to that happening. Enjoy this snippet:

How often do you find yourself thinking of your workplace as a jungle or, if you are less exotic, the local forest?  The conversations and actions that take place seem to be very reminiscent of any number of animals that you may run into strolling in the wild. Sometimes those conversations or actions can be comical and sometimes they can be shocking. That was the idea triggered when we embarked on our book, ‘Together Works: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Collaboration’.

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4 Tips to Develop a Team Competitive Advantage

Courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

In a previous article, we discussed the idea of problem solving broken into a mindset structure, in this article we will look at ways to make a team building strategy that can become a competitive advantage, if done consistently and transparently using those mindsets.

If you are a team leader or senior leader, this same process applies. You must realize that the process takes time, a lot of effort and most importantly connecting with your team members. It cannot be done remotely nor can it be done in a vacuum, i.e., without input from the team members. There must be integrity, trust, and transparency in the whole process.

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What is Your Approach to Problem Resolution?

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Do you truly understand how you approach problem resolution at work and in life? It is critical for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses in this part of your life because it plays a massive role in your success or failure.

The ability to resolve problems effectively drives success in your personal life, as a team, and ultimately, the success of your business. Being aware of your approach can help you understand whether the situation requires your skill, the skill of another team member or a combination of the two. Effective problem resolution is an opportunity to move forward, rather than just avoid a setback. When you approach it in that light, your solution changes, and your process changes and so does your team dynamic. As a leader, you must consider identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your team as they relate to each issue. The necessary skills my change by problem or they may be repeatable but you cannot assume they are all the same. It is much more effective when you approach each issue freshly, tackle the problem as a synergistic, powerful, team, and ultimately create a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Persistence, When You Don’t Feel Up to It.

Journaling 600X400 FreeLooking at today’s job market, we may feel that it is the worst time ever yet there has never been a more opportune time to follow your heart and realize your dreams. However, getting to the right outcome is not easy. It takes persistence, commitment, and the willingness to do whatever it takes.

So how can you be persistent when you don’t feel like it? How can you go on when the going gets tough? When you have called, knocked on doors, and toiled, day after day, week after week, and you experience all kinds of rejection, disappointments and frustrations.

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